// MY STORY //

Hi, I’m Naomi. I write content and copy, manage social media accounts and proofread for small creative businesses in and around Chelmsford, Essex.

I spent my college years training in secretarial and admin-based roles, learning mainly to type like a ninja (I can still maintain a speedy 60 words per minute!) and the major life skill of how to make a decent tea round! 

Fancying a change, I tried out for a job in the editorial department of a local publishing company and ended up staying for six years. I absolutely loved it and still do, today. All in all, I have 15+ years’ experience in copywriting, copy editing, proofreading, magazine editing, publishing and more recently web content writing, email content and social media management. All writing or rewriting copy to engage with a particular audience. 

My most recent and relevant training has been in Advanced Web Writing, Customer Retention and User Experience for the Web (UX).

Outside of writing (like it’s my main job!), I like to hang out with my lovely little family, enjoying the outdoors.

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